The Ill Saint


The End (WordSound, 1999)
The Second Coming (WordSound, 1997)
The Illness (WordSound, 1995)


"Hidden Gods" & "Invasion of The Body Snatchers" from The Ill Saint Presents, Subterranean Hitz Vol. 1 (WordSound, 1996)

"Dubs of Smoke" & "Assassinate" (LP version only) from The Ill Saint Presents, Subterranean Hitz Vol. 2 (WordSound, 1998)

"Mayday/Nightstalker" & "Backstab (Night of the Long Knives)" from VALIS 1: Destruction of Syntax (Subharmonic, 1995)

"World Of Destruction" (w/ Dr. Israel) from VALIS II: Everything Must Go (ION, 1997)

"Dust to Dust" from Altered Beats: Assassin Knowledges of the Remanipulated (Axiom, 1996)

"Sub(version)" from Macro Dub Infection, Vol. 2 (Virgin)

"Beats Within" & "Hype Flavour" (w/ Torture) from Electric Ladyland III (Mille Plateaux, 1995)

"Only In The Darkness" from Electric Ladyland IV (Mille Plateaux, 1996)

"Whirling" from Electric Ladyland V (Mille Plateaux, 1997)

"Krush (Bloody Dub Version)" from Electric Ladyland VI (Mille Plateaux, 1998)

"Last Rites" from Land Of Baboon, An Illclectic Collection (Silent, 1996)

"Age of the Storm" from Land of Baboon 2 (Baraka, 1997)

"My Dub Weighs A Ton" from Crooklyn Dub Outernational, Certfied Dope, Vol. 3 (WordSound, 1999)

"The Joust" (w/ Scotty Hard) from Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Certified Dope, Vol. 2 (WordSound, 1997)

"cRoOkEd" from Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Certified Dope, Vol. 1 (WordSound, 1995)



"Wickedness Increased" (Seven Deadly Sins remix) from Unitone Hi-Fi, Rewound & Rerubbed (Incoming, 1996)

"Transe Atlantis" from King Cobb Steelie's Junior Relaxer (EMI Canada/1997)

"Weird Science" from Shake The Nations (WordSound, 1997)

"No Prisoners" from Techno Animal Soundclash (Reprise, 1998)

"Necromancer" from The Spirit of Vampyros Lesbos (Sideburn, 1997)

"Stolen Moments" from Mickey Hart's Planet Drum/Supralinga (Rykodisc, 1998)



Spectre Meets Torture on The Other Side - 10" Dub Plate 4-song EP (Black Hoodz, 1997)

"The Devil Went Down to Forsythe County" (w/ Corporal Blossom) and "Operation Duppy Conquerer 2000" from Dubadelic's 2000: A Bass Odyssey (WordSound, 1996)

"Jigglin' What You Like to See" from Sensational's Loaded With Power (WordSound, 1997)

"Reignited," "Thuds Like Scuds," & "MIB" from Dubadelic's Bass Invaders (WordSound, 1998)

"Trash N Ready" from DJ Spooky Vs. Spectre (Black Hoodz, 1998)

RUFF KUTZ - mix tape (WordSound, 1998)