Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs MC's Wid Ghatz

Two wrongs don't make a right, but Three do!

Guy Albino, (I've been told it's an abbreviation for "guy with no alibi")

Duke Crapmore, (sounds more like the name for a land formation.)

And Fly-Bot VanDamn (he said if I didn't capitalize every syllable in his name he would "gaffle" me. That might have something to do with Duct tape but I'm not sure).

The origins of this group are hazy but from what I gathered, it all stems back to a primitive cult of what they called "fierce people" who are said to dwell on a small island off the bloody coast of Pirou. Garbage Island as they call it, is inhabited by Shamans Priests and Gankstuhs. It is here that they say the inimitable "Hawd" battlecry originated.

Their debut on Wordsound's Sub Hits comp was like a disturbing wet slap in the belly.

For most people it's resemblance to Rap was like what a bootleg Bart Simpson "crack kills" t-shirt was to that loveble little crown-headed scamp we all know so well.

Although, the fact that Russians were using the bootleg Bart craze to overshadow the disappearance of many talented human-beef-boxes of that time leaves a foreboding odor in our collective mouth. Let's just hope these are merely coincidences...


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