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Following his latest triumphant full-length, Psychic Wars (WSCD045), Spectre, The Ill Saint, continues the onslaught with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WSLP049), a collection of strictly hardcore, killa instrumentals. Its no secret that Spectre, Overlord of the Underground, has been responsible for some of the ILLest sounds in hip-hop over the course of 5 solo albums and his popular Subterranean Hitz series, which features the likes of Prince Paul, The Jungle Brothers, and Rob Swift (X-ecutioners). This time he invites Sensational, Mentol Nomad, and DJ KLOS, producer on Sensational's latest opus Natural Shine (WSCD044), along for the carnage as the beats are brutally massacred.

DJ KLOS sets the tone with an intense banger called "Apocalypse Era," which plunges you into triple darkness like concrete boots. Next up, Sensational's "So Damn Insane" is the sick instrumental to "My Flow's Hot" off the Natural Shine album, followed by the anthem, "Shock & Awe," the Natural Shine instrumental itself (a DJ KLOS production). Then Sensational freaks an unreleased beat, "Toxic Avenger," which is soaked in an extra helping of his bouncy funk. Star of screen and studio Mentol Nomad rounds out the side with the dubbed-out madness of "Chant Down Babylon," like Bronx in the echo chamber.

Side two is all Spectre. "Bin Laden" with it's ricocheting gunshot and twangy guitar is the ultimate spaghetti western street banger. "Saddam's Stargate" follows, the instrumental to "Hocus Pocus," a crucial hit off the Psychic Wars album, but the rest of the tracks are brand new. "RPG" plays like an actual combat raid in the desert, and "Dirty Bomb" samples a Sensational hook for ill effect as the Ill Saint comes off like DJ Premier. But then its back to the Other Side of bizarre beats with the epic "Jihad Special," which holds it down like gravity. Spectre challenges any MC to flow on his broken polyrhythms.

If it was weapons of mass destruction they were looking for, it's all here--exclusively on wax, a first for a WordSound release.

This arsenal of Ill Beats is essential for any DJ or MC who wants to test his skills in the mix or on the mic. Budding producers, as well, can see how a truly bangin' beat is freaked by the unknown masters of the art. This is nothing less than musical genocide.10 Cuts, all killer, no filler, to liven up the party or just to play at your next drive-by.

contact Skiz @ 410-243-1728 or for the 411.