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SADA B JANSSENS started as a platform for audio visual projects/collaborations, housing his project SADA & the audio/visual ambient-noize project Jigoku Nohara. Whatever direction a track goes, the music is always a reflection of the soul and the images that feed the mind. There is no compromise when it comes to composing. Music is power... inspired through an expanding collection of music going from Hiphop to experimental to neoclassical into soul accelerating to noize, motion picture soundtracks, and daily life, Inspired by the music by SCORN, Diamanda Galas, Front 242, Spectre The Ill Saint, Sensational, Mr.Dead, Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Cannibal Ox, Portishead, The Aphex Twin, DJ Krush, Crackin'Roots & Dub,..The list would become too long, but the message is clear: Serious experimentation. In 2007/2008, network collaborations gave the SADA sound excellent additions and direction as he teamed up with legendary freak inspectah SENSATIONAL, London based singer Melissa Be, Japanese hiphop crew KITAKANTO SKILLZ, cyberpunk poet Kenji Siratori, singer/songwriter MOTOKO ISHII, MC the real witchcraft. The resulting album is Wristcutz

The boom is ON!

Track Listing:

1) Tremor Intro.
2) Level It Out (feat. Sensational)
3) Creepshow
4) Blink (feat. Melissa BE)
5) Narcosis
6) The Dark Room
7) T.O.D. (feat. Kitakanto Skillz)
8) Phaze Gloom
9) Every Corner (feat. Sensational & Black Chameleon)
10) Aruke (feat. Nacci)
11) Ghostwalk
12) Defragmentation Dub
13) Orexcist
14) NeedleDrama Vtwo
15) Phantom
16) Wounds Outro