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The kid who brought you those crazy, block-rocking beats on Sensational Meets Kouhei (WSCD053) is back again in a new disguise. Enter Koyxen a.k.a Kouhei Matsunaga who has been perfecting his diabolical process in a hidden lab in Berlin, Germany. After two world tours with Sensational and Spectre, the kid has been schooled on all things ILL and now he’s ready to bring it to you on the solo creep.

Track Listing:

1. It’s just slender feat. sensational
2. Cheap micro chunky chalk feat: paul pm (puppetmastaz)
3. Deep inside feat. sensational
4. Ill feat: google premire (internet magic)
5. 11-2
6. Steps and white light
7. Noname
8. Hoe?
9. Autumn Tint Over the Queen
10. The garden With Pond
11. Star Elle
12. Metaphysical touching
13. 76 Purple Tone
14. 13-5
15. 113