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While most people know Sensational as the world’s most eccentric MC, he is also one of the dopest underground producers in the game today. In fact, until the last few years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Sensational vocal without one of his inimitable, banging tracks behind it. Peep the first few albums: Loaded With Power (WSCD022), Corner The Market (WSCD032), Heavyweighter (WSCD037), Get on My Page. Except for a track here and there, these were straight up Chunk O Bliss productions, all created in Sensational’s lab otherwise known as The Bomb Shelter. (If you saw the movie Crooked, you know why it was called The Bomb Shelter.)

Unfortunately, due to his present state of homelessness, he does not have his own studio anymore and must rely on others to get his music done. That said, it’s even amazing that he can consistently put out an album every year. But the universe always conspires to make it happen and keep his name and his music out there.

For many years, The Heavyweighter’s legions of fans worldwide have been clamoring for an album of Sensational instrumentals, so we had to give the people what they want. At last, here it is! This album features dub versions of tracks from Sensational’s back catalog as well as the two Matador singles, and some rare, unreleased gems. There’s even an ancient vocal track--straight out the vaults--that you’ve never heard before. Recorded and mixed in both the Bomb Shelter and The Sanctum (The Ill Saint’s old lab in Crooklyn) this is that dirty, grimy, next-level hip-hop you’ve come to expect from WordSound, where we always keep it raw and poppin’ for the people.

Track Listing:
1) Intro – Just A Beat
2) Beat Rhymes Dub
3) Drop the Bomb
4) Karl Kani Dub
5) Rhythmswang Dub
6) Dubbin’ It Up
7) Dub It On Ya
8) Untitled #1
9) Hey, Oww!
10) Disco Dub
11) Dub Sack
12) Original Dub
13) Excited Dub
14) Party Dub
15) Untitled #2
16) Nestle Quick (bonus track)

All tracks created by Sensational
compiled & mixed by Spectre, The Ill Saint

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