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1) Exceeding usual limits; surpassing
2) Being beyond comprehension
3) transcending the universe or material existence

With this one-word title, Spectre, The Ill Saint, sums up his seventh collection of sonic innovation, released exclusively on WordSound Digital. For the last two years, Spectre has been traveling—on this plane of existence and the next—and his voyages left deep subliminal impressions. These vibrations were inevitably transmuted to the digital format at the Temple of Smoke, his studio/hideout, and are finally ready to be beamed out into cyberspace.

The album is divided into two parts—the first, strictly instrumental, while the second features an array of vocalists both known and new. From the opener, “Mind Over Matter” to the sambadelic dub of “Boca de Fumo” the instrumental cuts pierce the heart of the Ill Saint’s metaphysical, mystical realm where all things are possible. Here breakbeats collide with percussion in an eruption of polyrhythms. Awash in waves of illbience, the rumblings of a seismic bass keeps everything (under)grounded. The Ill Saint’s patented formula has changed little over the years, only his execution. This time around he has honed his chops to become a Master Executioner taking your head for a roll.

Assisting and assassinating the beats on part two are Sensational (with a classic rant on “The Grind”) and MY Werkz, (whose heady flow makes “Time & Space” one to rewind) both of whom were featured on Spectre’s last masterpiece, Psychic Wars (WSCD045). For the first time, Spectre also works with Brazilian vocalist Benegao (on the futuristic dub of “Radar”), Baltimore MC Labtekwon (who goes off the head top on “Cosmic Arsonist”), and Gebo, who hails from Osaka, Japan (“Lyrical Hacker”). These MCs up the ante on originality and show that Spectre’s beats are as universal as the language of sound itself.

Part 1
1) Mind Over Matter
2) Operation World Domination
3) The Hate That Hate Produced
4) Darvish
5) Boca de Fumo
6) Meeting The Shadow
7) Requiem for The Ill Saint
8) Indo

Part 2
1) Radar (100% Tranquilo) * – featuring BeNegao
2) Time & Space – featuring MY Werkz
3) The Grind – featuring Sensational
4) Lyrical Hacker – featuring MC Gebo
6) Banger
7) Peace

All tracks created by Spectre, The Ill Saint
(except * produced by Spectre and Systemwide)
Reduced & Jinxed @ The Temple of Smoke
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper @ Turtletone Studios, NYC
Cover & Design by Tyrant of Seelenfresser

Overseen by The Almighty Unknown Force That Makes All Things Possible

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