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The follow up to mentolnomad`s critical debut Mentallica and Its Inhabitants (WSCD043) has been a few years coming...but evolution is a slow, steady, organic process much like the music you are about to hear.

IMAGE EYE NATION expresses universes of emotions and unparalleled visual soundscapes. While words are insignificant to capture this realm beyond the senses, this music can only be described as heavy, hypnotic, esoteric, trance-inducing, and conjuring dream states. This time around mentol receives support in the mix by COLORFORM, an American producer with whom he has collaborated on several projects in the past (including 2003’s “AURAL CONTRABAND,” a limited edition 12-inch vinyl release on Colorform’s imprint Liberation Systems).

mentolnomad has always been a mutant seeking freedom and creativity within a world of prosthetics. IMAGE EYE NATION is another long awaited dream manifested into the physical plane through sound vibration...your invitation once again into tha land of the MENTOLNOMAD....

Track Listing
1) Message Of The Mystics
2) Uchuu Jin
3) St. Nomad Land (material by mentolnomad, written by Kouhei Matsunaga)
4) Penetration
5) In the Rain (featuring MC GEBO)
6) Deep Throat N.Y.C.
7) Ancient Slumber
8) Fushigi Ongaku
9) Energy Host Form
10) Engaging Tha Flow
11) Solipsism SoliloQuy
12) Cavern Incantation (remix)
13) Alchemist Angles
14) Gurgle interlude
15) Mezameru

Blended by COLORFORM

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