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They have done it. The first official release. The Raw Latnem team has joined forces and has signed on to the WORDSOUND digital label. With a stictly download only format, Raw Latnem is bound to go global in a hot minute. The album Mental War is like a throw back. A dedication to the way it use to be. You beats and ryhmes. Lyrical displays that are more about life, than mere jingles about sneaakers, jewelry teeth, cars, booty shakin, and pimps. Raw Latnem has been likend to the modern day Last Poet's with an old school hip hop overtone. Speaking on many topics such as revolution, paradise, love and hate, slavery, our social collective state of mind, the many ways of seeing and knowing God, and much more.

Raw Latnem has a different perspective on the usage of these street driven beats. Lygix, Junya and MYwerkz are the main three out of a group composed of many to step up to the mic this go around. There are a few guest appearances like E.S.Q. on Atoms, KqlmStrtqng and LuvStrenx on Runaway Slave, Aisha Mike on The War Is On and two shining spots for fourth member Nute, on Survival Instincts, and Rebel Music.

The first two featured songs off this project are Paradise, and Runaway Slave. Please look out for the video coming to a screen near you!!!! The Raw Latnem is COMING!!


1) Into
2) That's Why
3) Paradise
4) Love 4 Love
5) Than Full
6) True
7) Do's and Dont's
8) The War Is On
9) Survival Instincts
10) Rebel Music
11) Phat Shoe Lace
12) Atoms
13) Colonialism
14) Runaway Slave
15) 2 B Continued....

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For Booking Contact:

Malik : 917 446 3613

junya / lygix : 410 366 3789