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On a tropical paradise temple virgins await their fate
Prophesized by witches in a drug induced altered state
Beware of the creature lurking in the bottomless lake
Worthy of the name Prince Charming "the Great"
Speed dating go-go dancers jumping out of a giant cake
I feel a terrifying ecstasy beyond love and hate
As infidels infiltrate crooked carnival cityscapes
Squirming salamander showgirls gyrate until they levitate

Now midnight in the magic marshes mixes with distant thunder
The room blurs and you wake up 50 billion years later
Enchanted by the music of the heavenly spheres
Ghost rocketeers disappear in the burning green stratosphere

While reading secret messages woven in Persian rugs
I hunger for human hearts and thirst for human blood
With powerful wings I climb the sky
Stare into my evil hypnotic komodo dragon eyes

So Beautiful, So magickal, so horrible, so pathological
So sexual, so intellectual, so terrible, so incomprehensible

I'm a demonomaniac - alien aristocrat
Iconoclastaphilliac - glamorous to the max
Emerging from a forbidden lake of ambrosial cognac
Guided by instinct from death trap to death trap
Slowly losing consciousness behind a Balinese demon mask
As civilization slowly collapses in time lapse

Lasses bat their lashes drinking poison from their hip flasks
Turn down the lights and feel my good time party war path

People of refined taste and divine grace: embrace
This in an invitation to an infinite sacred space
Open up your hearts and spend the night at my summer estate
Playmates at daybreak: my kisses fall like burning snowflakes

At petting parties in the purple dawn south of the equator
Advancing and retreating like a sophisticated lover
Swinging from chandeliers in front of nude spectators
Nude hang gliding over active volcanic craters

While dancers change costume, I'm here to entertain you
Do you feel the rhythm? The rhythm feels you.

I'm into tanning booths, working out in the nude
I have no body hair - fan me with peacock plumes

Lovely- I hover and dance in front of you
Look - the world below us lies in burning ruins
From plateaus in Peru, I'm calling you to your doom
Show you the Persian pillow room and wine menu

Sinning social luminaries mutual attractions
Full length mink coats stripped for easy action
Demon girls sacrifice your self to my affections
Ecto-plasmic detonations hit your nervous system

The mysterious one - the terrible one
From 50,000 fathoms on a world of seven suns
Food tasters come like a dime a dozen
Cooking beautiful children in a solid gold oven

I'm the re-occurring nightmare of your yoga instructor
1000 foot velocoraptor depicted in miniature
Wearing million dollar sneakers and an electroshock collar
Escaping from a pit of vipers with an enchanted typewriter

Floating like a dragon kite on the wings of night
Big black motorbike - under the moonlight
Passionate parasites, sweaty like dynamite
Topless pillowfights - vampire bat bites

Deep in your perfumes garden under milkyway canopies of indigo
Erogenous zones love poems and pheromones
Syncopated brainwave libidinal pulse code
Secret channels on the radio - penthouse party patios
Assassinas de todo el mundo
1234 go! Its time to start the show

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