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What's Spectre been up to? Was 2004's Psychic Wars really The End? Has the Ill Saint been vanquished to obscurity for good? FUCK what ya heard! In fact, the Overlord of the Underground is coming back ILLA than ever with not one, but TWO!!! new albums for 2006. Not only that, but in between his busy recording schedule, he found time to dip into the vaults (or The Crypt as he likes to call it) and do a little spring cleaning. The result is Tunes From The Crypt, a collection of savage beats for the sophisticated listener featuring old and new bangers, illicit grooves, and the most exclusive joints from his extensive catalog, chopped-up and mixed to perfection.

It's been a long time since the Ill Saint released his last mix tape, the blazing RUFF KUTZ cassette-now a collectors item on e-bay. With tons more material to draw from, Spectre serves up a fresh platter of raw beats that is bound to make the herds who suck up that commercial slop go MAD! Ya heard!? That's right. These tunes are strictly for the Hedz. If you have a weak heart, weak ear-drums, or a taste for weak-ass music you got plenty to choose from out there at the mall and MTV.

The man who pioneered such innovative styles as dub-hop, broken beat and dance noir does it again with a collection of sounds that is altogether shocking, alarming, caustic, controversial, nonconformist, deranged, eclectic, and unclassifiable, but always dope. (As in, this ain't no unlistenable so-called "avant garde" bullshit. This shit is bangin' dun!) Sorcerer of the sonic realms, Spectre takes you on a journey to the Fringes, where all things are possible and where the future of hip-hop meets its past. Be warned, you have stumbled upon a glitch in the matrix, but Salvation is your own choice.

Track Listing :

1) Intro
2) Warning
3) Pyramid
4) Dubs of Smoke
5) Krush, Pt. 2
6) Deadzone (feat. Mr.Dead)
7) Sofa Surfer Remix
8) Beatitude
9) SenstrumentaL #3
10) ON _U
11) Heat
12) Hedgamez (original mix)
13) Close Encounters in the Red Zone (feat. Torture)
14) Fanfare
15) Dedmode
16) Barracuda
17) Home Dub
18) 777
19) Senstrumental #7
20) Issues Dub
21) Belly
22) Juggernaut
23) Bin Laden edit
24) Into the Vortex
25) Put The Dub In the Bag

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