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WordSound Communique #53

How can the Underground Emporer, Sensational, be homeless when what-the-fuck’s-his-face is chillin’ in the White House? Sheeeiiiit. Long before Bush was dropping bombs in Iraq and completely fucking up the program, Sens has been blowing your mind and destroying your preconceived notions while boldly taking hip-hop into the outer limits (while everybody else just wants to shake their ass and get CRUNK!) On his seventh album, the Original Freak Styler gives the people what they need (i.e. a spiked cattle prod in the ear) throwing some international flavor into the mix as he teams up with Japanese noiz arkitekt, Kouhei Matsunaga, to create another masterpiece, Sensational Meets Kouhei (WSCD053).

Last spring, when Spectre and Sensational were on tour in Japan, they had some down time, so Kouhei booked a day at Studio You in Osaka (home of the Yakuza gangstas). Kouhei, an up-and-coming force in Japan’s vibrant noise scene—which represents some of the most extreme music around--had his laptop locked and loaded. And, of course, Sensational came strapped with his Book of Rhyme Pages, so it took him only 5 hours to blaze through a selection of ill compositions and get it all on tape. The result is pure FYAAAAAH!!!!

Right from the jump-off you know its going to be hot as they drop banger after banger--"666 of My Fat," "Dancefloor Warmer," "The Purple People For Future Earth," and "Lion of Sweaty Hands"—hardcore, abrasive tracks that are the punk rock of hip-hop. But the Sensational fellow also keeps it mellow on joints like "Fine Wine" and "I am Paper." While Kouhei handles most of the production duties, he hands off a couple tracks to Spectre, The Ill Saint ("Purple Peeps rmx") and electronic heavyweights Autechre ("Sensaeche"). The enhanced CD also contains an extra video track, which documents the Sensational Meets Kouhei session.

This is the album that the Warps and Big Dadas and all those other so-called "cutting-edge," "alternative," "hip" labels fronted on, so we had to bring it back to WordSound, where it belongs in the first place. Word to your mother! Paint the white house black Sen! As the WordSound saga continues...