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WordSound Communique #52

While baile funk has become a buzzword on the blogs and the bassment party scene and movements like tropicalismo are finally getting their due from audiences across Europe and America, Brasil’s many other contributions to the world of sound remain largely unknown. With an eye on what’s next, we wanted to investigate, and the result of our research is Made In Brasil (WSCD052). Once again, WordSound sets the record straight with this compilation of the newest beats coming out of Brazil (and none of it baile funk!). Across the board—from hip-hop and drum and bass, to dubwise and electronic styles—a tsunami of innovation and creativity is sweeping the land of sun, surf, and samba, and Made In Brasil captures the energy of this exploding scene. The Playaz: BNegao is an artist who can flow as easily to dubwise as he can to some good old Bronx-style boom bap. He has performed onstage in Rio, in fact, with none other than PUBLIC ENEMY. Digital Dubs are Brasil’s heavyweight dub champions--hands down--and MPC is their main man behind the boards. DJ Klos, who produced Sensational’s Natural Shine album (WSCD044), is the prodigal son, who finally returned home to Brasil after 15 years in Brooklyn. Maga Bo, on the other hand, is the American expat, who’s set up shop in Rio. Together with his partner Filastine, they tap Brasil’s natural sonic resources (like the berimbau) with their group Sonar Calibrado. Dom Negrone and Quinto Andar are two mainstays of Rio’s underground rap scene, always on the grind. And Anastacias, is a hardcore rap trio from the south (Port Allegre) who reps lovely for the ladies. Meanwhile, Mamelo Sound Systen, the only group here repping Sao Paulo, are currently at work on a new album with none other than WordSound producer Scotty Hard. Hard teams with Lucio Maia (of the popular rock group Nacion Zumbi) in another group, Maquinado, while his Brasilian doppelganger Kassin from the group Domenico+2 contributes the closing track. Sure, you might not have heard of any of these artists, but they are rising stars, ready to make their impact on the outernational scene. As our catalog attests, WordSound has always been on the forefront of the global beat fusion scene, and this latest salvo—our first new release in over a year—continues in our commitment to represent the best in worldsound! While others jump on flavor-of-the-minute trends and the hype, we blaze our own trail and dare the rest to follow. So if you’re baile funked out or just looking for something new, we definitely have something for you!