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After lacing the underground with Crooked: The Movie & The Soundtrack (WSCD041), the first of its kind DVD/CD set, featuring a 2 hour film and its 74-minute soundtrack, we're right back atcha with the rest of the sounds from the film in Crooked: The Original Score (WSCD042).

Unlike the soundtrack which features some of the powerhouse hits from the vaults of the mighty WordSound catalog, The Original Score includes all new music made expressly for CROOKED. Some of the toughest beatsmiths--Sensational, Mentol Nomad (who plays "Xane" in the film), Scotty Hard ("Agent Danvers"), Bill Laswell, and Spectre-- spent months in the lab, watching rough footage, and crafting instrumentals worthy of the experimental, edgy celluloid that is CROOKED. Also included are one-off tracks from WordSound veterans Prince Charming ("Psychotropical Heatwave") and Mr. Dead ("Third Degree Burn") as well as live drum-and-bass newcomers UV Ray (featuring Yuval Gabay from Soul Coughing and former Pere Ubu bassist Tony Maimone).

As Sonikcinema, CROOKED is as much about the music as it is about the film itself, so throw on this disc and be transported to our realm--the realm beyond the senses--if you dare. These sounds are not for the weakhearted, and certainly not for trend-chasers. So take a rest, Mos Def. El- P? Shmell me. You think you know underground? You know what it's like to die slowly, so your music can live? We live this everyday of our lives, making music for no money, purely as therapy to deal with a crooked industry and a crooked world. Take a leap of faith into the abyss and you will experience the hunger, the rawness, and the sheer power of unadulaterated hip-hop as seen through the twisted lenses of the WordSound team of metaphysical scientists. As always, we shake the town from the underground, bringing the Empire crumbling down.

For further information please contact Skiz at 410-243-1728.