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WordSound keeps it all the way live in the 2G with another classic banger straight from the nether reaches we call home. That's right, rap fans, it's time, once again, for The Ill Saint Presents, Subterranean Hitz, Volume 3: The Ill Skool (WSCD/LP036).

By now, the Subterranean Hitz series is world-renowned for fucking up your stereo and your stereotypes with the most bold and innovative beatmaking in the world of boom-bap. Volumes One and Two showcased the next-level sonic science of Prince Paul, Afrika "Baby Bam" of the Jungle Brothers, and Rob Swift of the X-ecutioners, who have all gone to make their mark on the mainstream. Now peep, the stars of tommorow as WordSound's Institute of Bugology graduates yet another class, The Ill Skool.

Membership in this elite academy of dangerous deviants is restricted to those unequivocally dope artists who are willing to take chances as they push hip-hop forward to the year 3000. In addition to familiar characters like Sensational ("Let's Hear It"), Scotty Hard ("BodyGuard"), and Mr. Dead ("That Sounds Personal"), you'll be treated to new styles from the likes of Mentol Nomad ("Sensationz of the Mynd"), Outer Space ("Conspiracy Theory") and Bimos ("Straight Out The Jungle"). And it wouldn't be a party without Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MCs Wid Ghatz, veteran's of the last two volumes, who introduce us to their new girl group, the Bossy Posse ("Simple Classic Elegance").

While the world of commercial rap gets bigger and dumber (bling, bling), we get deeper and doper. Take a leap of faith and join us down here in the Abyss. We'll show you how it's done, son: Pure hip-hop straight from the bowels of the earth--not the same old rap crap.