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With Y2K just weeks away, and the simmering, premillenial tensions bubbling to a boiling point, no one knows exactly what to expect. Change is the only certainty. As we approach this great period of transition--prophesized by many over the last two thousand years--we find technology running amok, the fabric of society quickly unravelling, Western culture in full demise, and fear and anxiety at a high point. Such is the perfect climate for the Ill Saint, otherwise known as Spectre, to wreak havoc on your mental plane.

Apocalyptic, acidic, incendiary-- these are some words that fittingly describe The End (WSCD035), the third and final chapter in a trilogy which includes The Illness (WSCD006) and The Second Coming (WSCD024). Spectre has brought it to you real and raw in the past, but in The End, he has outdone even himself.

Joining the Ill Saint on this phenomenal, 15-track, 70-minute extravaganza, are a whole host of vocalists who bring the word to Spectre's inimitable sound. WordSound labelmates Mr. Dead and Sensational, each contribute solo performances on "Beginning of the End" and "High Plains Drifter" respectively, joining together with God Albino of Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh MC Wid Ghatz, on the demented single "Psychotic Episodes." Also in the mix this time around are M. Sayyid of Anti-Pop Consortium and Guess ("Kaos Is And Always Will Be"), Sebastian Laws of Truckstop ("Kali Yuga"), singer Honeychild ("The Last Time"), and legendary dub poet Oku Onuora. And it wouldn't be a Spectre album without his trademark killer instrumentals like "Juggernaut" and "Bottom Feeder" with their polluted atmospheres and ill subliminals.

Though the darkness is almost blinding at times, Spectre's message stands clearly on The End, and that is: The end is actually the beginning of something new. So approach The End as if you were meeting your destiny with open arms.