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Who is the mysterious Kill Dog E.? Kill Dog was a notorious O.G. gangbanger, whose very name was feared on the streets. He disappeared for a while and rumor had it that he went straight, but now the name of Kill Dog E. is being spoken in hushed voices on the streets once again. Maybe it's because police found three dice--a four, a five, and a six (a winning throw in CEE-LO as well as Kill Dog's Calling card)--at the scene of seven recent murders. They also found a Bic disposable razor, which Kill Dog uses to shave his head and thus transform into the anti-Hercules.

Kill Dog E. is also the alter-ego of engineer/producer/remixer Scott Harding (a.k.a. Scotty Hard), a Canadian native who came to New York to be a part of the hip-hop revolution of the late '80s. He achieved his goal, working with some of the major players in rap including Kool Keith, Cypress Hill, Boogie Down Productions, and, most recently, Wu Tang, not to mention cutting-edge talent like Vernon Reid, Bjork, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. For the past summer, Hard has been holed up in the lab for delf, and he is ready, at last, to drop The Return of Kill Dog E. (WSCD034), his solo debut.

Sludge-hop is the best way to describe Scotty Hard's blend of bangin' beats, rumbling bass, sonic detritus, and caustic guitar. You heard him on WordSound releases like Crooklyn Dub Volumes 2 & 3, Subterranean Hitz Volumes 1 &2, Slotek, and Dubadelic. Now catch him on the long-player--guaranteed to be one of the Illest albums of the year. The Return features tracks with labelemates Sensational and Mr. Dead (Metabolics), the up-and-coming Anti-Pop Consortium, Tommy-Boy recording artists' Deadly Snakes, Sebastian Laws (New Kingdom, Truckstop) and more. So Eminem, Kid Rock, and Limp Bizkit, step aside 'cause Kill Dog's in town and he's gonna take you for a little ride.