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Five years ago, a motley band of subterranean bass terrorists from all over the realm of Crooklyn joined forces to smuggle in the certified dope from the Other Side and drop bombs in the belly of the beast. No sooner had the smoke cleared, than the Crooklyn Dub Consortium were hailed as freedom fighters and glorious subversives, who shook the town with the hardest sound around. But informants from within and without soon told the Vultures of Culture who passed the word onto the Style-Stealers, Perpetrators and False Profits, who tried to make a mockery of the sound. Divisions resulted, and the Bloodsuckers of the Poor laughed because they loved to see the rebels fight amongst themselves and allow their kind to be bought and sold. This, after all, was how they derived their power. But there is a greater of source of power, as the CDC soon discovered when they joined forces with their cousins across the ocean to become the Crooklyn Dub Syndicate. From few came many and out of many there is One. The syndicate expanded from England to Ireland to Italy to Germany to Holland to New Zealand to Japan to Jamaica and so on to become a truly universal force still dedicated to constant elevation through low frequency manipulation. Through yet another transmutation, Crooklyn Dub Outernational emerges triumphant, once again, to expose the truth and to show and prove that Crooklyn is not a trendy zip code, it's a state of mind. And dub is not simply music. It is the gateway to The Other Side, where all things are possible.