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After dropping Loaded With Power (WSCD022), the most bizarre and original hip-hop album to bubble up from the underground, Sensational returns to wreak havoc on the track with another demented masterpiece, Corner The Market (WSCD032).

With its no-fi production values and offbeat flows, CMJ heralded Sensational's mind-bending debut as "The most bold and experimental hip-hop record of the last couple years." Now witness as the Freak Styler returns to take his dusted style to the next level. For one thing, he's got a real microphone now (no more recording vocals through the headphones), so you can actually appreciate the ingenuity of his blunted verses. He's also upgraded his lab, The Bomb Shelter, so it doesn't sound like someone's frying chicken in the back. But Sensational's over-active imagination, highly-creative agenda, and addicition to hip-hop remain stronger than ever as he comes with a non-stop barrage of hits.

Corner The Market features 21 tracks (clocking in at about 72 minutes) which are guaranteed to blow your preconceived notions and inflict serious head-damage on the weak of heart. But true headz will be nodding when they catch a contact high off jams like "Disco Lights," "Chunky Buds," "Sewin' Up Avenues," and "Hi-Tech Issues." Sensational gives you "Music You Wanna Hear" to "Keep You On Ya Toes." And the end result will definitely find you "Feeling Satisfaction." Entirely produced and conceived by Sensational, who never samples, Corner The Market is about taking hip-hop to some staggering heights. Don't miss out on the ride.