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"Lay with me play with me by the sacred city mountain valley view of the shimmering sea mouth awaiting mouth toe rings jingling elegantly sparkling diamond ring accessories moonlight reflecting on the river shimmering soft kind sly beautiful breathing...."

Cassanova Killer Prince Charming waxes poetic in the liner notes of his latest outing for WordSound, Fantastic Voyage (WSCD029). Since titillating teen idol-worshippers with his devilishly deviant debut Psychotropical Heatwave (WSCD013), the rogue prince has been wowing fans in Las Vegas with his rowdy revue, breaking debutantes' hearts, and generally living the charmed life of a dilettante. In his spare time, however, he crafted the mesmerizing sounds of Fantastic Voyage.

Join Prince Charming as he takes you up, up and away to higher realms with his exotic, erotic aural alchemy. If Psychotropical Heatwave made you sweat with its lush, vibrant, colorful palette of sounds, wait till you take this mind- blowing trip to the outer reaches of Prince Charming's imagination. CMJ described this milieu as an indescribable mix of "William S. Burroughs/Grassy Knoll/Tricky/Bill Laswell and Edgar Allen Poe."

We wouldn't know what to call it since it features equal amounts of hip-hop, drum n' bass, minimalist techno, ambient noise, Latin salsa, soul, funk, African hi-life, blues, reggae, and rock, with various other sundry objects thrown in the mix. One thing for certain, however, is that the sounds on this disc will move you and groove you like nothing you've ever experienced. Don't believe the hype--Buy the album!!!!