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"To this day, many Indian sects hold that anyone who dreams that he/she is initiated has been initiated" -O' Flaherty, Dreams, Illusions & Other Realities

Woe is he who believes that everything he sees, feels, smells, and touches is reality. For beyond the realm of the senses lies untold secrets and unspeakable forces that shape our destinies and control this mundane world of space, time, and matter. Only the chosen few, blessed with the third eye vision have the ability to see the unseen and navigate a course to the Source.

WordSound continues to explore the Other Planes of There with the second book of Equations of Eternity: Veve (WSCD028). Veve is Voodou, the magikal arts, the gift of higher perception to see beyond the illusions of this world. In ancient times only those initiated into the secret sciences had the power--and sound was essential to their rituals. Today, little has changed, except for the way in which these sounds are created.

Join latter-day alchemists--Bill Laswell, Mick Harris, and Eraldo Bernocchi--as they delve into dark realms through the use of sonics, pushing deeper into territory explored on last years' Equations of Eternity (WSCD015). On the bare bones of illicit beats and subterranean bass, warped electronics, mysterious tongues, and plenty of studio magic work there way into the mix massaging the mind's eye.

Veve reads like a sonic textbook on the occult with titles like "Baron Samedi," "Magamat," "Kurukulla," "Luk Krok," "Set Rising," "Aether," "Madre de Agua," "Yama," and "Maka." But the aim is to go behind the word to find the meaning, and to go beyond the sound to find the wisdom. As occultist Aleister Crowley said, "Find thou thyself in every star, achieve thou every possibility."