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It's after the end of the world....don't you know that yet? So forget any pre-millenial tension. The Apocalypse has happened many times before, and it will happen again. The only way we can make it through to the other side is to raise our consciousness to the next dimensional level. Those crazy space cowboys who we met on 2000: A Bass Odyssey (WSCD007) are here to help us do just that, and bass is essential to their plan.

The wild ride into the outer realms of Bass continues as Dubadelic reignites the boosters of the Dubber-ship and heads to a planet just like Earth to save the day. Armed with pure vibration (The Sound) These Bass Invaders (WSCD027) aren't out to destroy, but to create anew out of the vast nothingness that was once called civilization. They teach the chosen few survivors how to get back to Bass-ics, and use Sound as a creative, redemptive force.

Once again, The Eye (of WordSound I-Powa) rounds up the troops from the WordSound Multiverse including Colonel Bill Laswell, Corporal Blossom, Splice, Megabyte, HIM, Scotty Hard, Spectre, Dr. Israel and newcomer Steady Ted Parsons (of Godflesh And Swans fame) to battle your preconceived notions and promote knowledge, wisdom, and insight. This motley crew unites to create some of the hardest, dirtiest dubfunk in this galaxy or any other. Within the infectious grooves of this deviant dance music--featuring equal amounts of down-home funk (ala Funkadelic) and primal, earth-shaking dub (King Tubby, Lee Perry, Scientist)--are the hidden clues which will bring about an overstanding of all things as they truly are--not as they appear to be.

Beyond the boundaries of time and space, there is a place where the Bass keeps everything going at a steady pace. Sounds like Heaven....