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Birmingham, England's own Mick ("Fuck London") Harris, skin-basher supreme, started off his career with original thrashcore vets, Napalm Death, before moving into the realm of electronica with dangerous dub specialists Scorn, a group which he founded in '91 with bassist Nick Bullen. After a slew of critically acclaimed releases, including a recent live album, Scorn called it quits last year, leaving Harris open to pursue other projects such as Lull, Equations of Eternity (WSCD015), Painkiller (with Bill Laswell and John Zorn), and his newest manifestation, The Weakener.

The album What Do You Know About It (WSCD026), a WordSound exclusive, is a spine-tingling trip through the dark dungeons of dub-hop. Imagine the offbeat breaks and bone-crushing bass of Scorn married to subsonic ambience and melodic riffs and samples treated with Harris's own brand of deviant dub surgery. While minimalism is the key here, subsequent listenings will reveal layers of ethereal beauty creeping through the cadavers of these ill sonic remains. The Weakener nicely fills the niche left by underground favorites Scorn, while taking Harris's productions to the next level--deeper into the abyss, that is.

Behind the closed door, you will fumble around in confusion, sink into a stupor, and get clouded by the haze. This place is not for the weak of heart. What do you know about it? Absolutely nothing until you take a leap of faith into the darkness.