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It's been two years since the Ill Saint, otherwise known as Spectre, unleashed The Illness (WSCD006) upon mankind. Since then, he has been busy remixing other artists (Techno Animal, Bill Laswell, Unitone Hi-Fi), contributing tracks to compilations (Macro Dub Infection, Vol. 2, Altered Beats, and the Electric Ladyland series), and showcasing the illest soundz from the underground on The Ill Saint Presents Subterranean Hitz, Vols. 1 & 2 (WSCD014 & WSCD025). He also started his own imprint, Black Hoodz, a vinyl only label that has released tracks by Dr. Israel, Torture (aka Sensational) and Truckstop (featuring former members of New Kingdom).

But it's time, once again, for his own brand of musical mayhem to continue as the Ill Saint returns with The Second Coming (WSCD024). With 14 tracks, clocking in at over 72 minutes, The Second Coming is a tour-de-force, perfecting the ill styles (dub-hop, broken-beat, dance noir) Spectre introduced on The Illness. Tracks like "Bandar," "Spawn," and "Revelations" can only be described as savage beats for the sophisticated listener, as The Ill Saint invades your mental state with plenty of ill subliminals. The Second Coming also features appearences by some of Spectre's favorite MCs, like Sensational on the cryptic "Pillars of Smoke" (is it about alien abductions or a bad acid trip?), the demented God Albino (from Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh Emcees Wid Ghatz) on "Accidental Terrorist" and newcomer Mr. Dead (from Prince Paul's Psychoanalysis crew) on "Bloodsuckers."

Last time around, people were fooled by the dark imagery that cloaked The Ill Saint and his music, but Spectre sends a warning to those who are fooled by image over substance: The truth will be revealed to those who care to see below the surface....because out of the darkness, came light.