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WordSound has been quietly bombing the underground with the certified dope for three years now, and what better way to celebrate our 3rd anniversary than release a retrospective of the whole catalog--remixed.

Shake The Nations (WSCD023) , a double CD set, features a taste of each of our 22 releases to date as well as a sneak peek into the future. Not only that but, each track is remixed by a different member of the WordSound posse. Here at last is a chance to experience the collective power of the WordSound guerilla army at its finest. Mix alchemists include Bill Laswell, Prince Paul, Spectre, Professor Shehab, Dr. Israel, Megabyte, The Eye, The Count of Monte Cristo, Doug Scharin, Ish Allen, Scotty Hard, Captain Kowatchi, Eraldo Bernocchi, Kevin Martin, and O.H.M. Over two hours of quality music from the stars of Subterrania. Dub, hip-hop, trip-hop, drum'n'bass, electronica, Latin, Middle Eastern, ambient, noize, other-world--you name it, we got it.

In addition to featuring new and unreleased material, WordSound 23 includes tracks from now deleted titles like The Red Shift (WSCD001), Scarab (WSCD002), Qaballah Dub in Fusion (WSCD004), and The Seshambe Project (WSCD005). As usual, all killer, no filler.