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Summer of '92, Brooklyn: Coming off the success of two classic hip-hop albums Straight Out The Jungle and Done By The Forces of Nature , the Jungle Brothers deliver their third LP Crazy Wisdom Masters to Warner Brothers. Boasting a new member, Torture, and a new experimental approach to the cliche-ridden artform ruled by gangsta rap, the JB's are shot down, their record hacked to pieces and released as the lackluster JBeez Wit Da Remedy.

Now the truth can be told. With its wall-of-noise, hyper-tempos and off-beat rhyming, Crazy Wisdom Masters was way ahead of its time, and definitely too ill for Warner. But reclaiming the exotic, erotic, raw style he left the blueprints for on Crazy Wisdom, comes Sensational (formerly Torture) with Loaded With Power (WSCD022).

Don't underestimate this twisted brother from the jungle, who's going for dolo this time around. You already peeped his style on such compilations as VALIS 1 & 2 (Subharmonic), Electric Ladyland 3 (Mille Plateaux), and WordSound's Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Vol. 2 and Subterranean Hitz, Vol. 1. Now its time to experience the frontal assault of MC/producer Sensational, who is cocked and fully loaded, and ready to unleash his ill styles upon the unaware. Beat freaks beware! You're about to be freaked in the earhole with the crispiest shit this side of Kentucky fried. Even you non-believers are gonna catch a contact high, so don't believe the hype--we dare you.

Fall of '97, Crooklyn: Revenge of the underdog. Sensational rises from the Other Side. Loaded With Power!uora, spouting fiery wisdom on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Rising from the post-industrial ruins of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, new outfits Roots Control and Scarab also participate in the festivities as they stake their claim as the future stars of Subterranea