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Drummer Doug Scharin (ex-Codeine, Rex, June of '44) inaugurated his new outfit, HIM, with the 12-minute "Chemical Mix," which appeared on WordSound's acclaimed Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Vol. 1 (WSCD003) compilation. Since then, HIM have released a well-received debut album, EGG, and EP, Chill and Peel, on Southern Records, not to mention contributing tracks to Macro-Dub Infection (Virgin) and Certified Dope, Vol 2.

Recorded entirely on 4-track, the new album, Interpretive Belief System, (WSCD020) marks HIM's return to the same dub techniques that informed Lee Perry's '70s experiments. Scharin introduces new flavors into the mix, however, using treated vocals, and live cello and drums over programmed loops. "Heavy rhythm music" is how Scharin describes this latest sonic foray, and HIM does not disappoint with heavy percussive elements and non-traditional "world" beats. Far from the usual elevator music peddled by modern-day prog-rock outfits, Interpretive Belief System , in all its subtlety, is a celebration of sound and rhythm, breathing new life into a world fill of expired sounds and ideas.