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Eons ago, the seekers of truth gathered in the ruins to make rituals and tell the tales of the past and future. So too, did Scarab emerge from the ruins of Brooklyn with a vibration that transcended space-time.

Three years ago, their self-titled debut astounded the ears of the uninitiated with twisted sonics, crooked polyrhythms, and ill subliminals. Now Jadoo and the High Priest, founding members of this future-primitive outfit, return with the next chapter--Secrets of The Past & Future (WSCD019) --the rebirth of bug.

Featuring a combination of live and sampled sounds, lo-fi and high-tech, science and majick, Secrets swerves further off the beaten path, with a style both exotic and eccentric. In the process, they create a new sonic language--contemplative and chaotic--to illuminate the accompanying mythology. The text is one with the music and vice-versa, and the special package is your passport to the Other Side, beyond the realm of the senses.

Recorded at the Other Side and Greenpoint Studios in Brooklyn, Secrets is a living testament to the infinite potential of sound beyond what we know as structured music. Scarab stands at the crossroads where tribalism meets technology and where mind controls matter. Open the doors of perception, and let the secrets be revealed.