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As the illness spreads to foreign lands, WordSound reaches across the globe to support our comrades on the Other Side in their subversive activities. Case in point: Sir Kevin Martin (Techno Animal, GOD, Ice) and DJ Vadim (Ninjatune hotshot) have been working in secret labs in Switzerland on a new kind of tracking device.

The results of their experiment, The Bug: Tapping The Conversation (WSCD018), pays tribute to Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 thriller "The Conversation," starring Gene Hackman. The critics' rave, "The conspiratorial themes contained within the movie are as relevant now as they were twenty-three years previously." Fact, non-fiction.

Even if you haven't seen the movie, prepare for a paranoid trip behind the closed doors of the subconscious. Enter a realm where high-end detritus floats above a bedrock of grinding, subterranean beats. Molten basslines meander through a valley of jagged guitars, distorted sax, and effects, creating all the tension, anxiety, and suspense that a thriller is supposed to deliver. Yes, this is sonic cinema to open the mind's eye and stimulate those subliminal frequencies.

No faux film soundtrack, The Bug breaks new ground into the nether reaches of dub-hop. Just how deep can shit get?...deep as