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"Seven is the symbol of mystery. It is a deep, strange unaccountable number which has a significance all its own" -Walter B. Gibson

Seven psalms slowly vibrating. Seven signs. The symbol of Saturn. Bringing it all together in a vision of harmony via the almighty tool of transformation&emdash;riddim. Unlocking the doors of creation with musical keys. Balancing the threes on either side of the one into crooked but harmonious symmetry. Slowing it down...Seven times...

SLoTEK hitting the nine-seven off with dense beats and slow, mind- bending electricity. The 17th book of musical madness has arrived courtesy the imprint of Ill. Special Dark along with cohorts Brother J, Jadoo, and Scotty Hard licked the chalice, burned some bass, and ran wild all across a few of Brooklyn's mightiest sound studios. Sub-bass-mentally meandering where no sane person dare to go. Let your imagination run away, twisting the mindscape with "Smoke & Mirrors." The knowledge gained through meditation-- "Bhavanamaya"--is what SLoTEK psychically transmits. Numerology, silent philosophy, and musical "Transmutation" Tuning into the unseen force is your entrance. SLoTEK holds the key.

...Musical Murderation...Mental Liberation...The Sign... SEVEN....