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Out of the chaos comes the moment of synchronicity. Recognition of such a moment results in higher evolution. Ebn E Sync was the outcome of those critical moments.

Professor Shehab, whose co-production credits include Scarab (WSCD002), Qaballah Dub In Fusion (WSCD004), The Seshambe Project (WSCD005), and Dubadelic (WSCD007) hits the rhythm track once again in collaboration with illbient whiz kid Lloop (of the group WE) to create the intoxicating sound of Ebn E Sync (pronounced Ebnah Sink), an ambient, Middle Eastern translation of popular dance beats.

Ebn E Sync was recorded in only three days of intense creation, but it spans the ages with a colorful, inviting sound as exotic as frankincense and myrrh. Utilizing beats from the west--hip-hop, drum and bass, and techno--and melodic and percussive elements from the ancient east, Shehab and Lloop forge a powerful collision of worlds as culturally relevant as it is innovative. Many have tried to tap the mystique of the east, but Ebn E Sync has a supreme understanding of the mind, the spirit, and the purpose. Making this accessible to listeners through dance beats is nothing less than true cultural revolution. Join us....

The nuclear fusion of the sounds fuels the expansion of the universe to a higher energy.