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The coming millenium is little more than a paragraph in a hyper-realized history book already written. A mere turning of an arbitrary calendar>>>formulated>>>a restriction of time and space. The minds of the new sonic manipulators, to be found on the Other Side, stretch beyond such limits straight through the year 3000... White noise turned into circular ambiance... Bass lines meant to rupture structure... Skeletal beats. Duppy feel a way, cause EQUATIONS OF ETERNITY are being revealed musi-Call-Y ... Open the digital text and press play ...

... Yes, once again the WordSound clique comes with the critical selection. This time in the form of E.O.E. (WSCD015) led by Crooklyn's bass command, Bill Laswell. After feeling the Oscillations of his junglist collaborations with England's Ninj and his own contributions to Macro Dub Infection v.2 and Axiom Dub: Mysteries of Creation, it is time to slow the drum'n' bass science to a vital dub drone. Joining him on this round of revelations are two stars from afar: Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death) brings the beats from England, while Eraldo Bernocchi brings it all together via Italy. An international mix of mad minds. "Loa", "5th Element", and "Slow Bleed" ... Just a few of the titles presented to cure that auditory sore. So now that you know the musical score let us tune into a little verbal science from Axiom's sonic sage as recently recorded in THE WIRE:

"I think music should be lost. It should just be something you can use to get lost in, which might lead you to one thing, then another, then another, and maybe in the end there's something you actually learn which is more than just a sound exeperience. Things connect in the end, somehow, mysteriously."

... Connection is complete ... the Equations of Eternity have been deciphered ... In Dub ...