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...You just bought this tab 'cause of the picture. Never heard of the brand before, but your boy said it was bangin'. So you drop it.

That last blunt you smoked got you chillin'. Hard. So you don't really feel as the shit slowly flips your brain cells inside out. You only notice the lights getting brighter and dimmer. Dimmer and brighter. Then, suddenly, like a York Peppermint Patty, you get the sensation.

Welcome to the realm beyond the senses, where Subterranean Hitz boom from seventeen-storey speakers, and the producer is the all-powerful soul controller. Here, beats are the currency, and the Illness is mandatory. Join the Ill St. as he takes you on a trip to the Other Side where niggas is buggin'--for real. The Ill St. Presents Subterranean Hitz, Vol. 1 (WSCD014) is a critical beatdown like no other, featuring a collection of hip-hop's maddest minds.

Where will you find the likes of Prince Paul and Afrika "Baby Bam" of the Jungle Brothers, next to such top-notch beatmakers as Djinji Brown, Scotty Hard (of New Kingdom) and Rob Swift (of the X-Men). Not only that, but here's O.H.M. with new heady candy for the massive, along with Crooklyn counterpart Ish. And if that ain't enough 'cid for ya kid, check the ill styles of Torture, Psycho Priest and Spectre, who are comin' with fresh tracks to kill all preconceived notions--not to mention the hardcore insanity of Hawd Gangstuh Rappuh MCees Wit Ghatz.

Sub Hitz stretches the boundaries of hip-hop as it expands your mind. So if you're tired of the bullshit, and you're ready to take a vacation from reality, drop this in ya CD quick fast.