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PSYCHOTROPICAL a habit-forming holotropic hypnophonic lycanthropic biomorphic launch into a hyper-sensual libidinal hyper-space of quivering shaking bumping grinding gyrating squirming and spasming to devious nocturnal bizarre bewitching barbaric jungle drums as a spotlight shines bright on the skin-tight metallic lingerie and polished chrome corsets of a kung-fu kicking chorus line of crocodile concubines coyly cavorting in a collapsing concrete sacrificial coliseum feeding the appetite of a voracious venutian volcano erupting with euphoria like the orgone electro-shock sex toys of a sweet-talking squid-like extra-terrestrial tantric technician who telepathically translates the ancient amphibian astronaut alphabet anagrams of pictographic pornographic neon icon sub-atomic sub-rosa sex manual sub-texts subconsciously submerging throbbing scintillating titillating sacred southern hemisphere carnal cult temples of perpetual pulsating perfumed pelvic pl! easure like a slo-motion super 8 tidal wave of savory flavored jazz juice squeezed from the sweaty silk sheets of my smoldering shadowy sordid secluded Sumarian subterranean sin city sub-cellar of seductive sound-scapes

Track 1. stroboscopic searchlights sweeping tide pools of parasites

Track 2. crews of crazed contortionists infected egypyologists absorbed in photo synthesis under the broken obelisks

Track 3. eclipsed by sadness sitting by myself in the park introspectively a bullet-proof plexi-glass bubble canopy protects me as angry april angelfish meteor showers of comets of question mark krill spill past spiraling fictitious megalithic alien orbs absorbing the scene from deep space vacuum under the arctic ocean emotion (nested crystalline Spheres of of consciousness shattered bottles in liquor store parking lots silver green pajamas shimmering in the window)

Track 4. like a flickering celluloid moonbeam on the view screen

Track 5. eating sweetheart valentine candy-gram vertebrae

Track 6. spider monkey snuff flicks of black magic projectionists

Track 7. jump cut to: synchronously swimming sleek, glistening jellyfish prostitutes undulating to the savage pagan bongo rythyms of a hotel extravaganza of break-dancing bornean head-hunting gangbangers out on parole for smoking crystalline blue frog eggs in the murky acropolis steam bath sex booths

Track 8. juke joint pipe dreams of ominous unkempt sinister landscapes of of slithering shadows of strung out side show sirens chronological swamp current carrier waves rewinding

Track 9. shrouded wraith-like rain cloud sentinel dragon lobster sky demon phantom flyers losing altitude in jaded jade aquariums criss-crossing emotional oceans ill-illusions crab-like equipment escapes In The confusion burning manuscripts of recent observations low flying corporate unmarked aquatic ornithopter android airships in the open orange salt water skies dropping leaflets shadowed by invisible sea wolves at fifty thousand fathoms shivering wet and trembling pseudo-memories descending ripping open spheres of cellular cosmologies angry scars in mercury light tunnels to god

Track 10. everything goes when the whistle blows [war of phantom satellites panther girl prototypes kleptomaniac first strike you're all fucking suspect exhibit A: gold tooth ceremonial peep booth licking mangled memories of humanoid prostitutes]