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Caught somewhere...Dark...A haze of paranoia is the shroud through which I see. Born in a vision of silt and murk... A burn feeds my mind. The fire numbs. I sink deeper. Beyond...Beyond...To the Other Side... where the Illness resides...

Yeah, there is no where to run once the damage has been done. So for all those that took the dive on Volume One, here is your next fix of blunt bass and end of the millenium vertigo. 12 doses. Dubwize. Crooklyn Dub Consortium Vol. 2 is beaming out of the borough of Brooklyn. The troops have assembled once again. Spectre and Scotty Hard "Joust" with the steel armour of Babylon. Their gothic dubplate of metallic beats starts your slow descent into dub oblivion. Unitone Hi-Fi drop by with "Racehorse" to nice up the session before Dr. Israel hits you - "Jacob's Ladder (version)" - inna junglist fashion. Mind you don't drop off 'cause The Mystic has a little story to tell via a crooked drum and bass swim through the old times. Yeah, "Those were the Days". The mighty Bill Laswell mus' come as well. Fret not Dread. "Skulls of Broken Hill" - yet another little something from the Bass Command himself.

Checking in to kick off the second half of Crooklyn Dub Consortium Vol.2 is Nu Seeka with a little trip he calls "No Apparition". Scarab, always delivering that Eastern version in a new sense come again wit "Telesp". Hold tight for their next oasis of sound coming in March '97. Boom. Likewize, our man Torture is set to blast off with his debut round 'bout sometime. Until then take a bath in some dirty water. "Soaking Bodies of Dub" is the Illest baptism of sound around. O.H.M. cuts it just right on dose number 9 - "Put Me On". WordSound's resident hard drive, Megabyte, returns from victory on Vol. 1 to "Tear the Roof Off". Switching over to our French Connection, the Count of Monte Cristo soundz off with "Wolf Dub." WordSound is Outernational. No doubt. And in case your ears can handle it rhythm brethren, HIM, closes out Vol.2. Cool neo-Nyabingi style. Jus' tight...Ya mus' check it.

...Prepare For Freedom...The Time Is Nigh...For Another Dose Of That.... ...Crooklyn Sound...