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Many seeds of illness that have taken root in the shadow of Bill Laswell's Greenpoint Studios in Crooklyn are beginning to break out of the underground and take their rightful place in the Light: Introducing Producer K. Bennu (O.H.M.), pointman on the next frontier, who drops his debut release Grounded To The Inner Current (WSCD011).

Working out of his home studio, the fertile Sound Field (located, incidentally, next to a sewage treatment plant), Bennu absorbs information from a broad spectrum of sources--esoteric texts, TV, and his own crooked surroundings&emdash;filtering it through the inner current before he brings it back to tape. The result is an intriguing brand of "mutant beat," utilizing all styles of music--from hip-hop and reggae to Latin, African, Middle Eastern and then some. However difficult to categorize, these tracks are built upon thick rhythms and bubbling bass, while swirling melodies and layers of subliminal ear candy remove you to inner space. And in these times of tribulation, where music must be more than simply stimulation and entertainment, Grounded to The Inner Current is food for the spirit, the soundtrack to your thoughts.

/images/ohm.gif We have always been taught to believe that we are unimportant. But had K. Bennu not showed up at the WordSound compound many months ago with a demo in hand, this project would have never happened. Now you are holding a tape. Discard all preconceived notions and expect the unexpected. It's time to get grounded.