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What's the Oscar-nominated, extra-large, mack-producer supreme Prince Paul doing on itty-bitty, no-promotional budget-havin' WordSound, you ask? Well, he's been here since the beginning, leaving his quirky signature on tracks from WordSound's opening salvo in the dub revolution, The Red Shift (WSCD001).

Before coming over to the Crooklyn side, Paul, of course, ushered in the D.A.I.S.Y. age with De La Soul's genre-bending, breakout Three Feet High and Rising, a trend-setter which sold over a million copies. After steering De La through De La Soul 's Dead and Buhloone Mindstate, he flipped it to the next level with Gravediggaz, a group (also featuring Wu-Tang's RZA) whose successful debut, Six Feet Deep, set off a spate of "horrorcore" in the industry. This twisted genius has worked with some of hip-hop's top MCs--including Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane--and most recently black rocker, Vernon Reid and Teo Masero (Miles Davis' producer), on Vern's new joint Mistaken Identity. Now Paul proudly presents his first solo venture, Psychoanalysis .

This expedition into the expanses of the mind--though researched, analyzed, and diagnosed by Paul--is a family affair, featuring a motley crew of ill characters and cronies from around the way who resemble a P-Funk on crack (wait, P-Funk was on crack). Anyway, you get the idea--lots of disgusting jokes, ill skits, and black comedy (no pun intended) over butter beats and infectious grooves. So sit back on the couch and free your mind. Let your feet do the tapping and your booty do the clapping. If you are keyed into the subliminal frequencies, Psychoanalysis has something new to offer you everytime. Nuff said, we don't want to fudge Paul's bizarre experiment, the results of which will be published soon. Check the record.