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Many are called but the chosen are few, so when Jah ready, you gotta move...

Dr. Israel has been an ever-present, ever-ready souljah in the WordSound army, contributing to every release to date including the Qaballah Stepper's timeless Dub In Fusion (WSCD004), the track "Saidisyabruklinmon (Nobwoycyantess)" from the subterranean scorcher Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope Volume 1 (WSCD003) as well as cuts from the new Dubadelic, 2000: A Bass Odyssey (WSCD007). Now, he gets to shine on his own with 7 Tales of Israel, a dub journey through ancient landscapes on a caravan of drum and bass.

Yes, herbal vapors and biblical capers flavor this innovative approach to roots music in today's, dread era. Beginning in the lush Garden of Eden, the good Dr. resurrects the majestic power of the word with "Adam and Eve." He then plunges headfirst into the jungle on "Deborah," a smoother version of drum-and-bass. "The Tribulation of Job" presents an all percussive beatdown as the powerful vocals of Chemda Khalili swirl above the fray, while "Psalm 87" goes retro with a Tubby's echo-chamber dub style, swimming in the latest studio science. Dr. Israel does not discriminate against any style for Zion "shall be called a mother in whom men of every race are born."

Take heed, for the 7 Tales of Israel, brings glorious sounds for all of the children of creation.