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Tired of digital dub? That slick, programmed, squeaky clean sound with the familiar four-to-the-floor house beat. Do you ever long for the glory of the golden age of dub, when King Tubby was creating infinite possibilities on a two-track and Lee Perry was burying reels of master tapes in his backyard to give them that added dirty appeal? Remember good old, hands on the mixing board (no sequencing), live playing, lo-fi, just the slightest bit offbeat dub? If that raw, rough sound is yours, you're bound to become a disciple of Roots Control.

Introduced on the ground-breaking Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Certified Dope Vol. 1 (WSCD003), those Crooklyn kids are at it again with ten new tracks of dub murder on their debut full-length, Dread Western (WSCD008). Roots Control (comprised of die-hard dubheads Skiz and Likkle Jer) is roots dub like you've never experienced. Building on the original Jamaican dub foundation and mixing it with some 21st century science, Skiz and Likkle Jer create a sound all their own--and miles apart from the ruling UK style of contemporary dub. On this disc you will feel the live bass burrowing under your skin, and the one-drop kicking your dome, as you drown in a sea of echo and reverb. Wait, is that a dust ball on the needle? No just the dusty dub plate sound of Roots Control, panning left and right through your atmosphere and spinning all about.

Produced and recorded at The Other Side in Crooklyn, Dread Western brings back the spaghetti western flavor, Yard style, so if you're looking for a fistful of the hardest dub, you better make tracks to your local record shop. Pronto!