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"Then I looked , and on Mt. Zion stood the lamb, and with him were 144,000 who had his name and the name of his father written on their foreheads. I heard a sound from heaven like the noise of rushing water and the deep roar of thunder; it was the sound of harpers playing their harps. There before the throne, and the four living creatures and the elders, they were singing a new song. That song no one could learn except the 144,000, who alone from the world had been ransomed...." Revelation, 14:1-4

It's 1996, people. Only four more years to go.... No on knows what's in store, except those who have seen the light. Dubadelic comes to us from that one true spark in the vast nothingness with a story to tell. 2000: A Bass Odyssey is coming your way. In fact, it's already here--all around you--and though many will look, few will really see.

Dubadelic, a crazy crew of space cowboys assembled from all walks of life, have been travelling freely through time and space, amassing a vast quantity of data. This data, however, cannot be transmitted through the information superhighway. So let the "Spirit of '76" take you back to your childhood, when all things were possible, and intuition had not yet been destroyed by paying tuition. Beware of false prophets, but at the same time realize that not all the ramblings of a so-called madman are simply "Psychobabble."

Forget about your assumptions and preconceived notions. Dubadelic is here to spread the illness and fuck up the program. They'll get you "Zoned" without popping pills, and help you beat down the beast with the hardest beats, and, of course, bass. Dubadelic is hammering wooden stakes into the hearts of vampires, and bringing down the "Dub of Justice" to free the righteous.

Remember, this is the "Rise of the Fall," so beware, and let the low end frequencies keep you grounded. Stay low, but reach for the stars.