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Scarab, who ushered in a new generation of dub with their self-titled debut (WSCD002), returns with something even more bugging, for the beat-freaks who just can't get enough. Working on down-time at the Bug Observatory (Bass Mind in Brooklyn), Professor Shehab, Captain Kowatchi, Dr. Israel, and Ra-Owl The Watcher conceived and created the top secret Seshambeh Project.

Now it can be told. Seshambeh means 'Tuesday Night' in Farsi, the ancient Persian dialect. Between the hours of 1 and 5 in the morning, potent energies are at work in the atmosphere, and on the nights that this recording was made, these elemental powers were tapped into by this crack unit of bug artists. The hum of an electric lightbulb, a car door opening and closing, a bass string played out of tune- these are some of the clues necessary to unlock the outer limits of the imagination, which was the purpose of this project.

Using live instruments, programming, and ambience, Seshambeh conjures a hillside meeting of Adrian Sherwood's famous African Head Charge, and the legendary Master Musicians of Jajouka, as recorded by Bill Laswell. There are no no words here, just meaning; no definitions, just understanding. The vibrations captured on this disc issue forth from the realm of pure and total sound. This is music as majick. Use it wisely.