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Professor Shehab and Dr. Israel, two specialists on tenure at the Institute of Dubology, were taking a lot of flack from their learned colleagues over new directions in their research, which were threatening the established parameters of traditional dub. As a result, Shehab, an expert in ancient Middle Eastern doctrines and philosophies, and Israel, long known for his sonic innovations in the lab, went out into the field to prove that dub is both everything and nothing and could be used in combination with various disparate elements that had seemingly no interconnection.

The result of their experiments is Dub In Fusion, a five piece treatise on the potential energy attained by seeking higher elevations from zero ground. Dub is known for its heavy bottom, but sweet, lilting melodies lift 'Majesty Dub,' the opening track to heavenly heights. Meanwhile, 'Splendorous Dub,' the jungle exploration, has the heat and intensity of the desert coupled with the coolness and fluidity of a subsonic bass, as an Azan chant wails in the background. 'Dub of Justice' (with Dubadelic) features the sticky one-drop many associate with dub along with some grinding rock guitars for good measure.

Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets, lends his voice of wisdom to 'Trust in Dub,' a heart-felt plea of understanding over a smooth dub-hop groove, while roots chanter Douglas Israel drops a more serious Armagideon-style vocal over the mystical backbeat of 'The Conquerer.' 40 minutes of music, guaranteed to make you aware that subliminal low-end frequencies control our inner spatial orientation, and no matter what name we give to it, it's all good.