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Attention! Attention! Dub music is taking over. Nation to nation, station to station, the revolutionary rhythm is ruling the sound and wrecking the system. Heavyweight drum and bass to shake the foundation- no prisoners will be taken. We are assuming total control!

WordSound leads the charge of the bass brigade with Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Certified Dope, Vol. 1., a compilation featuring sounds you've never ever even conceived of. Yes, this is dub straight from the nether reaches of the underground. Creep with us, as we take you on a mission to Crooklyn, New York, where there is some heavy earth-shaking activity going on. Here, you will encounter strange and powerful forces like Sub Dub, whose Babylon Unite EP has already created quite a buzz in the hazy ganja dens around town, as well as Automaton (Dub Terror Exhaust and Jihad), anchored by the precise drum and bass duo of Sly Dunbar and Bill Laswell. And don't even sleep on shifty characters like Spectre or the phenomenal Qaballah Steppers, whose Dub In Fusion EP is set to drop like a depth charge imminently. If you do you might not know what hit you.

Crooklyn Dub Consortium also claims within its ranks rising stars like Roots Control, We, HIM, Corporal Blossom, Loop, Dr. Israel, and Megabyte, who will, no doubt, be taking dub into the next century. You can either join us down below, or be crushed when the wretched walls of Babylon come tumbling down.