Patric Catani & Paul PM
Discovering Steve Hive EP (BH010)

Tracks: 1)Discovering Steve Hive 2)Freak Creep 3)Can't You Follow 4)Firesplinter 5)The Intruder

Jimmy and Pit, two sanitation workers living in a decadent future metropolis, Palace City, hear strange sounds emanating deep down in the sewer and decide to have a look. Here, they encounter a colony of mutants, living like freaks in the smelly hell. Finally they discover the half-man/ half-machine, Steve Hive and his huge army of freaks. Jimmy and Pit, both fed up by the moral decadence of the modern world, help Steve Hive find the core of Palace City. Steve Hive shows them what the leaders of the city did to the population. Check out the forthcoming releases to see how the story ends!

Produced by Patric Catani (EC8OR) and Paul PM (FEVER) hail from German wunderkind Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore label, distributed in the US by Elektra.


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