Crazy Wisdom Masters
The Payback EP (BH006)

Seven years ago, in a diabolical lab in Brooklyn,
on the down and low, a crazy experiment was conducted.
A freak accident occurred and one of hip-hop's
most creative crews was exposed to deadly
gamma rays drastically altering their perceptions of reality.
They would never speak the Native Tongue again.
They documented their tortured visions on reels
and reels of tape. After the acidic haze wore off,
they had created some of the illest sonics
to be heard in this era.

But the master tapes were never heard.
They had to be locked away because they were
considered too dangerous for the mass population.
They could inspire thought, action, freedom.

Now is the time.

Crazy Wisdom Masters, currently masquerading as a
group you all know and love, have been summoned
from a parallel dimension to prepare you for freedom.
This is a historic moment in the Book of Rhyme Pages
as we travel back to the future where the Payback
EP came from, cryogenically sealed and ready
for resuscitation in the present.

Reel 1: a) "Battle Show"
b) "Ra Ra Kid"

Reel 2: c) "Spittin' Wicked Randomness"
d) "Hedz at Kompany Z"

WordSound saga continues...